Texas based on-location lighting services.


Lighting and grip equipment based i Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas.

We’re are a group of experienced freelancers who wanted to build the best location lighting package possible. We provide premium on-location lighting services. Every rental is carefully customized to your project’s exact requirements.  Also available with experienced crew. We're managed by working professionals with years of experience on sets. We are focused on providing the latest and best lighting for your location work. DLG has a substantial inventory detailed below.

Featured gear:

LED: ARRI Skypanels S60 and S30, Litemat+, Quasar 4' and 2' tubes, Litepanels.

HMI: ARRI M18, M8, Joker2 800w and 400w (All new inventory)

Tungsten: Mole and ARRI fresnel package

Grip: Sprinter van custom packages with a choice of a wide range of stands, frames, rags & hardware. Customize your order to suit your specific production. See a list of the gear list included with the van’s base package.

LED Fixtures

HMI Fixtures